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People’s democratic initiatives in Russia are at risk

August 4, 2014

Does government of RF protects Russian speaker only beyond its borders?

People's democratic initiatives in Russia are at risk.

‘Let’s show Siberia to Moscow!’

People's democratic initiatives in Russia are at risk. 1

‘Stop feeding Moscow!’

The last week in Russia was characterized by People’s Democratic initiatives to form people’s republics in their region due to distrust to the Russian leadership.

Their legal motivation is based of the fact that the federal structure of Russia gives grounds to create such republics within the state.

Siberia was the first one to show itself. Trying to create Siberia people’s republic non-governmental

organization ‘Siberian Sovereign Union’ began active work among Russians from Ural up to Far East. Volunteers conduct surveys and explanations among ordinary citizens most of whom explicitly declare their with to ‘liberate themselves from Moscow’s dictatorship’. Besides people are scared by the unspoken ‘annexation of Siberia by China’ – Chinese policy of soft pressure. This is an increase of mixed marriages, expansion of cross-border trade and investments, obtainment of permissions for having business in Siberia.

Siberians understand that with every week Beijing is getting closer than Moscow. After annexation of Crimea and ‘contained’ reaction of China to this there appeared a slogan on web ‘Crimea is ours, Siberia is yours’. On August 17 they plan a march ‘For Federalization of Siberia’.

Following Siberians there appeared Ural Republic, Kaliningrad People’s Republic. This might not be the complete list yet. The number of Russians offended by the Kremlin is increasing.

Russia system of information security began to take active steps to counteract these manifestations. Thus recently a number of Russian medias received warning for issuing information about the preparation for illegal massive manifestations under the slogans that put territorial integrity at risk. Censors demanded to delete ‘separatists’ material immediately.


Source: Information Resistance group

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