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If the peace plan fails the martial law might be introduced, – Turchynov

 September 10, 2014

Parliament speaker is confident that the Verkhovna Rada might have enough votes to introduce martial law

If the peace plan fail the martial law might be introduced, - Turchynov

Head of Verkhovna Rada [Parliament] Alexander Turchynov doesn’t exclude the introduction of martial law in Ukraine in case if peaceful plan of regulation of conflict in Donbas doesn’t bring results. Press service of the Parliament reported this.

‘If we fail to clear up Donbas by peaceful measures we do not have alternative than to introduce martial law, mobilize country resources and clear it up from insurgents. I am also confident that if Russian aggression does not stop, we will be able to see the introduction of such western sanctions that they will completely destroy Russian economy’, – the speaker said.

Turchynov underlined that the possibility of introduction of martial law is presupposed by the constitution. ‘If the peace plan brings no result we have no other alternative than mobilization of all the resources of the county and introduction of the martial law’, – he said.

The Head of the Parliament also expressed his confidence that if the President makes decision to introduce martial law the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament] will have enough votes to approve it.

‘Only president bring this question on discussion of National Security and Defense Council, then he signs decree on introduction of martial law, and them this decree should be supported by the parliament. If president make decision to introduce such a decree the parliament will always support him’, – the speaker underlined.

However, Turchynov excluded the possibility of announcement of Donbas territories as occupied ones.

‘We don’t need to announce, we need to liberate territories. Our task is – prevent turning of Donbas into a zone of frozen conflict. This is the only angle from which we can see the event in the east. That is why I exclude such format when Ukraine agrees that Russia would control parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts’, – he declared.


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