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Parubiy: There’re 20 000 of fighters in Donbas, half of them have come from Russia

Estimated number of fighters in Lugansk and Donetsk region is from 15 to 20 thousands.

Parubiy: There're 20 000 of fighters in Donbas, half of them have come from Russia


June 16, 2014 – According to UNIAN correspondent the latter was informed by secretary of Council of National Security Andriy Parubiy during the briefing

A. Parubiy underlined: ‘According to our data more then half of those fighters came from Russia. There’re Chechens from Caucasus and Spetsnaz fighters among them’.

He also mentioned that there’s a number of facts when forced mobilization of local residents to the so-called volunteer corps is held out by terrorists in occupied towns.

‘According to preliminary data more then a half of fighters have come from Russian territory, besides some part consist of mobilized civilians that are often used as live shield.

A. Parubiy also underlined that Ukrainian government works on prevention of victims among civilians.

Source: UNIAN.UA


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