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Part of Russian humanitarian convoy has reached Donetsk

October 31, 2014

Part of fourth Russian humanitarian convoy has reached Donetsk

Part of Russian humanitarian convoy has reached Donetsk

According to Russian mass media ‘RIA News’ there are guards, journalists and volunteers at the place of the arrival.

Earlier on Friday the convoy has split into two parts – ‘Luhansk’ and ‘Donetsk’ ones. It has allegedly passed ‘customs clearance’ at two checkpoints, crossed the border and began moving through Donbas territory.

As it was previously reported, on October 28 column consisting of 100 trucks had started from Moscow outskirts to Ukrainian Donbas.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and National Security and Defense Council they say that they haven’t received any official notices concerning sending of the fourth so-called ‘humanitarian convoy’. NSDC reported that all previous humanitarian convoys had failed to reach civilians.

Russian has already sent 3 convoys of humanitarian aids to Ukrainian Donbas. All Russian trucks carrying it crossed Ukrainian border without consent of Ukrainian authorities and were not accompanied by representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross.



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