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Most part of entrepreneurs on Donbas favor returning under Ukrainian jurisdictions

October 15, 2014

Donbas Internet Providers are obliged to pay taxes to DNR terrorists

Most part of entrepreneurs on Donbas favor return under Ukrainian jurisdictions

Operative data from ‘Information Resistance’ group.

Donbas entrepreneurs favor returing under Ukrainian jurisdiction

Experts register increasing of pro-Ukrainian moods among businessmen on the territories occupied by terrorists. According to experts’ estimations, about 50-70% of entrepreneurs favor the speediest possible Russian escapade on the Donbas and return of these territories under full jurisdiction of Ukraine.

DNR obliges ISRs to pay taxes

Leaders of DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] obliged all Internet Service Providers that operate on the territory controlled by terrorists to register as Mass Media and pay the so-called taxes. Registration is held under the threat of physical punishment. Terrorists create the ‘single register’ of Ukrainian web sites that should be blocked.

Terrorists want to establish education sphere in LNR

In the town of Stakhanov acting Mayor C.V. Zhevlakov held a meeting of heads of educational institutions. He demanded in an ultimatum form to provide applications from all teaching staff for employment in ‘the education sphere of LNR’ [Luhansk People’s Republic]. According to Zhevlakov, every teacher who doesn’t sign such application will be fired.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group

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