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Paratroopers from Russian city of Kostroma that were detained in Ukraine in August had boasted of going to Ukraine to beat ‘maydanivists’

December 9, 2014

Paratroopers from Kostroma did not get lost

detention of Russian soldiers

Kostroma paratroopers were detained at Ukrainian territory in August. Previously they had boasted to their girlfriends that they were going to beat ‘maydanivists’.

Head of Joint Coordination Center of release of hostages at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

When asking the question of detention of Russian soldiers he mentioned that their number in Donbas increases. However, eh did not specify the exact number of detained Russian soldiers.

Tandit said that he had been ember of the group which interviewed paratroopers from Kostroma.

‘I will say with confidence that that they did not get lost. Moreover, before they entered our territory along the line of Sea of Azov, these paratroopers had written to their girlfriends in social networks that they were going to beat ‘maydanivists’, – Tandit added.

According to him, militants from Kostroma gave all their telephones and personal belongings to commanders and even repainted military equipment in colors of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Tandit said he had been shocked by how paratroopers were afraid of Ukrainians.

‘Apparently, Russian propaganda told them that we are fearless killers here, that we would immediately torment them, cut off ears etc.’. He said that Russian servicemen were shocked when Ukrainian militant gave provided them with medical care and later they would tell outright things about legend they had learned.

Paratroopers from Russian city of Kostroma detained in Ukraine in August had boasted of going to Ukraine to beat ‘maydanivists’

As media reported earlier, on August 25 Special Forces of anti-terrorist operation and officers of security service detained 10 Russian paratroopers in Donetsk oblast. The detainees had military documents and weapons, they testified belonging to 98 military unit of Airborne Division.

According to Russian militants, on August 23 their battalion was relocated to Rostov-on-Don and on August 24 the personnel was raised by alarm and sent to march with several dozens of fighting vehicles. According to servicemen, only officers knew about the route of movement of the column.

On August 27 in Minsk Russian president Vladimir Putin said that the detained paratroopers had been patrolling the border and could come to Ukrainian territory. Mr. Putin ensured that the soldiers merely got lost by accident.

On the same day the detainees said that they had had no idea of being at Ukrainian territory and that they had no intention to fights against Ukrainian militants.


Previously we have reported that terrorist fighters keep hostages 684 Ukrainian servicemen. About 1.6 thousand are considered missing.


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