Life in Ukraine. Live, @ first hand.

Our nation lives until we have such people

10 years old boy donated money for Ukrainian Army

10 year old boy donated all money he got for his birthday for Ukrainian Army.

To years old American boy of Ukrainian origin Danylo gave $1600 for Ukrainian Army.

He invited many guests for his birthday party. The boy asked them to bring money instead of presents and said he would use this money to help Ukrainian Army. This is how they boy collected $1600 and sent them to military chaplain team.

This sum money was a great help for the first battalion of 30rd mechanized brigade.

Using the boy’s donation volunteers bought used jeep in Germany for $2000. Volunteers don’t specify what the cost of repair is.

The vehicle was named after the young boy – big letters on its door say ‘Danylko’.

Servicemen send their gratitude to Danylko

The inscription on paper says: ‘Friend Danylko! Thank you!’.

Although this little boy lives in US, we firmly believe that Ukraine lives until we have such people around the globe.


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