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OSCE: terrorist prevent access of mission to settlements

OSCE: terrorist prevent access of mission to settlements

OSCE observation mission registered usage of banned weapons in Shyrokine.

This was reported by Alexander Hug, Deputy Chief Monitor o Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE to Ukraine during press briefing at UCMC on April 30.

According to him, during the past days fighters of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic limited access of OSCE mission to village of Shyrokine. In addition, fighters used the mission as protecting guarantor to rotate their forces.

Alexander Hug informed that in course of previous two weeks a number of meetings had been held in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination and video meetings of trilateral contact group. They discussed demilitarization of Shyrokine village of Azov Sea coast.

The plan of demilitarization includes withdrawal of military formations and weapons from the territory. Alexander Hug underlined that OSCE welcomes change of military logic for civilian one. He emphasized that demilitarization is not about losing territories but removing forces from the village.

Members of monitoring mission visited 40 people who still live in village of Shyrokine. Mr. Hug informed that currently village is without water and electricity. Every meter of earth is dotted with unexploded bombs.

In mid-April OSCE mission succeeded to register slight implementation of ceasefire for 70 hours. However, fighting resumed then.

Alexander Hug informed that he had been under shelling, along with other mission members he registered that weapons prohibited by Minsk agreements are still used by DNR fighters.

In addition, members of special monitoring mission examined several villages along the frontline. In village of Staromaryvka in Donetsk oblast only 80 people of 370 still live there.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center



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