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OSCE has sent drones to monitor the situation in Donbas

October 6, 2014

First drones from OSCE have been delivered to Ukraine

OSCE has sent drones to monitor the situation in Donbas

The first drones, not equipped with weapons, have been delivered to Eastern Ukraine to help OSCE officers to monitor the situation in the region.

OSCE representative Michael Bociurkiw have informed this. According to him, 4 drones will observe the compliance to the truce at Ukrainian-Russian border.

The agreement of ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine was achieved at the beginning of September 2014 after almost half a year of hostilities in the region. Meanwhile, the so-called rebels and representatives of Ukrainian authorities reported about numerous violations of the ceasefire regime. Terrorists shelled residential areas and settlement. Fighters in Donbas tried to veil their own crimes and put blame on Ukrainian Armed Forces. In addition, there are unceasing fights for Donetsk airport. Positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces defending it are being shelled and attacked almost every day.


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