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OSCE monitoring mission reports about numerous violations of the truce

September 17, 2014

Security Service of Ukraine detained head of subversive group

OSCE monitoring mission reports about numerous violations of the truce

Spokesperson for Information and Analytical center of National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko reported this.

Ukrainian armed forces adhere to the truth in order to implement the peace plan of the President.

Meanwhile shelling of positions of the forces of ATO continues. During the last day illegal armed groups and Russian militants shelled positions of Ukrainian armed forces in the areas of 15 settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast.

There are no losses among Ukrainian militants.

Monitoring mission of OSCE informed in its last report about numerous violations of the ceasefire regime by terrorists. The shelling of Ukrainian checkpoint near the settlement of Marynivka is pointed out. The OSCE observers were at this location during shelling. It is not excluded that the fighters started firing because they had been informed about the arrival of the OSCE mission. The shelling was conducted as provocation of Ukrainian armed forces to attack.

Terrorists continue to mask military equipment in residential areas and in courtyards of civilians.

The forces of the anti-terrorist operation are ready for provocations and repelling of attacks.

The counterintelligence of Ukrainian Security Service detained the leader of subversive group of DNR. The arrested man is a former police employee who has committed terrorist acts in Donetsk oblast. He and his group received orders and detailed instructions from Igor Gyrkin, they also reported to him on committed crimes. The gang carried out armed assaults at columns of Ukrainian military equipment, checkpoint of the forces of anti-terrorist operation, blew up bridges, carried out sabotage in residential areas. The investigation is currently in process.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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