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Organizers of the Action ‘From the East to the West’ Shared Their Ideas of Uniting the Country


Kyiv, May, 13th, 2014 – Julia Gnativ, Organizer of the action during the press briefing at Ukrainian Crisis Media center said: “We try to fill in social gaps in communication between different parts of the country. Thus we also enrich each other. For example, we don’t need only tourist attractions in Lviv, we also provide meetings with famous people, with the mayor of the city, to provide communication between hosts and visitors”.

Pavlo Khobzey, Vice Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, said: “We did not use any administrative resource for the action, people were volunteering. When I asked students in Luhansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv whether we need such kind of action, they said we should continue. We emphasize on universities’ mobility, introducing new locations”.

Andriy Chubko, Director of “Hlib-Trade”, Partner of the action said: “We are happy to join the project. When I observed visitors from Kharkiv and Kryvyi Rig, I realized the importance of the project. I felt moved when I read opinions of the visitors from eastern Ukraine, who said Lviv was a tolerant city. We ruin stereotypes to establish a joint state”.

Daria Fomenko, Member of the Action from Donetsk Oblast stated: “When we were asked whether it was frightening to go to Lviv, we said yes. First of all, when we came, Lviv was accepted as ancient city, but we felt great hospitality. I believe there is no big gap between the east and the west, but I come from Kramatorsk and I’m ashamed by the gap in people’s conscience, we need to unite our colleagues. We also invite to come to the east to show that youth there is just ordinary young people”.

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