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Opinion: They might kill Savchenko and present it as suicide

Opinion: They might kill Savchenko and present it as suicide

Nadiya Savchenko and her sister Vira are in danger. Russian oppositionist activists warned about danger to Savchenko sisters in Kyiv.

They came to Ukraine to stand up for democracy here and celebrate the third anniversary of protests at Bolotnaya Square.

Russian journalist Vladimir Shreydler believes that Nadia and her sister Vira and in danger.

He arrived to Kyiv on May 6 in order to protest against repressions in Russia together with other political emigrants from this country.

According to Shreydler, they might try to kill Savchenko and present it as suicide. There is serious danger for Vira as well. Journalist says that for her it is especially dangerous to give interviews in Russia in the street.

On May 6 Moscow Basmanny Court prolonged Savchenko’s detention to June 30.

Three years ago on May 6 there was massive anti-Putin protest in Russia.

More about anti-Putin protests in 2011-2013 on Wikipedia.

Police brutally beat protesters then and 30 people received real prison terms for alleged attack at policemen.

So now activists arrive to Kyiv to hold protests because it is too dangerous in Russia.

Well-known Russian activist Katerina Maldon was forced to escape from her country to Ukraine. She says that her apartment in Russia was searched, walls in the house were painted in yellow and blue colors and marked with symbols of the Right Sector. Journalists of Russian main propagandist channel Life News were on duty there.

Protesters in Kyiv said that they are political emigrants from Russia and every day more of them arrive to Ukraine. Many people decided to flee after murder of Boris Nemtsov. It became obvious for them and prison is not the worst thing that might happen to oppositionist in Russia.


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