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Opinion: why do terrorists need to rewrite Minsk agreements?

November 5, 2014

Opinion: terrorists’ statement about readiness for negotiations and necessity to rewrite Minsk agreements is a preparation for new offense

Opinion: why do terrorists need to rewrite Minsk agreements?

Here are opinions by journalist of Taras Klochko.

Yesterday President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko proposed to abolish the law on special status of Donbas during the meeting of National Security and Defense Council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not react to this propositions personally, he used his controlled terrorists.

Today there has been published the joint statement of DNR and LNR in which terrorists expressed their outrage of decision of NSDC to abolish the law. According to leader of terrorist Donetsk People’s Republic [DNR] Alexander Zakharchenko leader of Luhansk People’s Republic [LNR] Igor Plotnitsky and others, this decision ‘cancels Minsk agreements’, because ‘the adoption of the law on special status and law on amnesty were the obligations of Kyiv.

‘Obviously, that its [Minsk protocol] edition should be revised. DNR and LNR cannot act on the basis of the document where Poroshenko has removed fundamental points. We are ready to work on new version of the protocol’, – terrorists state. It should be remnded that they have never recognized the mentioned laws and haven’t complied with Minsk agreements in general.

In addition the fighters stated their readiness to held peaceful negotiations with Ukrainian authorities. ‘Soon popularly elected leaders of DNR and LNR will name their representatives at Minsk negotiations’, – it is said in the statement.

So why do terrorists need to rewrite Minsk agreements?

Terrorists gave no propositions concerning the new version of Minsk agreements because they don’t have any. With this statement the Kremlin intends to drag Ukraine into new negotiations with the same terrorists from DNR and LNR but now they should be represented as ‘popularly elected legitimate representatives of republics’. That is underlined in the statement.

If Ukraine agrees to hold such negotiations it de facto recognizes terrorists Zakharchenko and Plotnytsky as representatives of Donbas. Ukraine cannot make this step. According to the journalist, if Poroshenko agrees to new negotiations, they should be in the format of participation of EU and Russian representatives.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s refusal of proposed negotiations with ‘legitimate authorities of Donbas’ will become terrorists’ and Kremlin’s pretext to restart hostilities saying that ‘we are for peace but the bloody junta doesn’t want negotiations’.

Taking into account that in recent days Russian has been actively sending troops and military equipment to Donbas, this scenario looks quite possible.


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