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Only 5% of Ukrainians want Crimea to be part of Russia


KYIV, March 14 /Ukrinform/. Only one in 20 Ukrainian citizens (5%) do not mind the annexation of Crimea to Russia, according to a poll conducted by the Rating Group.

“The overwhelming majority is in favor of preserving the autonomy within Ukraine (77%), or giving Crimea the status of a usual region (11%). Some 1% support the idea of granting Crimea the status of the Tatar autonomy within Ukraine, 6% were undecided on this issue,” sociologists said.

The number of supporters of the Crimean autonomy as part of Ukraine has increased over the last three years from 60% to 77% and the percentage of those supporting Crimea’s status as a usual region declined from 23% to 11%. The number of supporters of the annexation of the Crimea remained virtually unchanged (4% in 2011 and 5% in 2014).

Supporters of the peninsula’s transfer to Russia mainly live in Ukraine’s southern regions (19%).

Most Ukrainians (87%) do not support the idea of Crimea’s separation from Ukraine, whereas only 9% support it, and 4% were undecided.

The survey was conducted in March 2014. A total of 2,000 respondents were interviewed. The poll’s margin of error does not exceed 2.2%.

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