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One year after ‘people’s republics’ were born

One year after ‘people’s republics’ were born

The so-called Donetks and Luhansk People’s Republics appeared in Eastern Ukraine little more than one year ago.

What have Donbas residents got since then? Large part of locals left their homes for two major reasons: they either support independent Ukraine, or support terrorists but prefer living there where it is safer. However, there’re many people who remained on the occupied territories. What do they face?

One year of military domination in Donbas resulted in economic ruin. Industrial potential of the region declines. Many companies and enterprises have been destroyed. Machinery, goods and equipment of Ukrainian plants and factories have been transferred to territory of Russian Federation.

27% of industrial capacity of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been destroyed, 15% – stolen and taken to Russia.

The leaders of self-proclaimed republics ignore necessities of people and tell them stories about how it is difficult to live in Ukraine instead.

One year after ‘people’s republics’ were born

Surprisingly, such propaganda brings results that may be considered positive for terrorists. Some people who support the so-called republics actually blame Ukraine for bad economic situation. They believe that Ukraine has got to pay pensions and other social benefits to residents of unrecognized republics.

This inforgaphic is brought to you by Ukraine Crisis Media Center.


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