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One year after Minsk II [infographic]

Minsk II

It has been one year since the second Minsk agreement was signed in order to bring peace to Ukraine.

As it was expected, decisions reached at the summit did not work. Right after signing the Minsk II Russia worked hard to demonstrate its entire attitude to the document. The ceasefire was to be implemented few days after signing of the document on February 15.

Ukrainian forces closed in ‘kettle’ near Debalstseve  were attacked fiercely because Russian wanted to get control over the town before official implementation of the ceasefire. Despite fighters did not manage to get the town until February 15, Russia did not stop. Ukrainian Armed Forces began retreat on February 18 and they suffered one of the most significant losses in this war.

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However, despite the complete ceasefire was never reached, there were some positive shifts in Ukraine. Infographics created by Ukrainian Crisis Media Center demonstrates a list of positive changes that were achieved during the last year.

Among them are the following:

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces were able to repel attempts of separatist forces to seize the territories of Maryinka and Starohnativka;
  • Due to absence of large-scale combats number of wounded and killed servicemen decreased by 3.5 and 5 times;
  • More than 500 military drills were conducted;
  • Ukraine received military assistance from the west;
  • Number of shelling and attacks decreased;
  • 13 new brigades and 15 battalions were created;
  • Improvement of military uniform continues;
  • There began reformation of police;
  • Wounded servicemen are treated abroad etc.

Achievement of Ukraine since Minsk II was signed

While Ukraine keeps receiving international military, financial and humanitarian help Russian Federation gets weaker due to sanctions, decrease of oil prices and its involvement in war in Syria.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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