Life in Ukraine. Live, @ first hand.

One hour of Peace in the World


are you sure only Ukraine is the target?

Today we experience the agressions of neighbors tomorrow we might see aggression on a global level!
We are begging all people in every country and in every city of this world no matter of their political views or religion :

Today, 4th March 2014 at 13:00 go to main square in your city and show whole world we are together and we don’t want to fight for our leaders billions and borders

We have to protest for our future in Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Asia, for our freedom.

We must show them we are together and we are much more than just billions of collateral damage.

Only one hour of your lunch time can save the whole World.

Think today about your future tomorrow!

Take boards with labels “No War”, “No World War 3″, “No War in Ukraine”.
If you can and want to support the Ukrainian people you can make an Ukrainian flag to take with you – please do.

Goal is to create a Flash Mob that stands for 20 minutes praying for peace in this world for all people, then lay down and pretend to be dead.

You can change history today to make the World better.

We believe in everyone.

At your lunch time go to your main square with your friends, sisters and brothers. Do this for you and your future.
Take your cameras, tell every media company what you want to do and lets DO THIS!

Spread this message around the world and help to make people stand up for a better future of all mankind.

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