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On March 9 fighters used MRLS ‘Grad’ in battle for Shyrokino

March 10, 2015

In battles for Shyrokino fighters used weapon prohibited by Minsk agreements

On March 9 fighters used MRLS ‘Grad’ in battle for Shyrokino

News agency informs this with reference to press service of volunteer regiment ‘Azov’.

On March 9 terrorist forces attacked positions of Ukrainian troops in Shyrokino near Mariupol and 09.30 am. At 11.00 am fighters of Donetsk People’s Republic brought tanks to their front positions.

In order to stop the provocation ‘Azov’ tankmen started firing in response. Then terrorists used multiple rocket launcher system ‘Grad’ [usage of this weapon is prohibited by recent Minsk agreements]. In addition, fighters used anti-tank guided missile.

Fortunately, the protective armor of Ukrainian tank acted effectively and the crew survived.

In order to repel the attack and evacuate tank another combat vehicle was used.

According to ‘Azov’ regiment press service, hostilities didn’t cease at nightfall.

Forces of DNR suffered losses of manpower and military equipment.

Source:, press-service of ‘Azov’ regiment

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