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On April 6 terrorists violated ceasefire 20 times

On April 6 terrorists violated ceasefire 20 times

Yesterday at 06.00 pm situation in zone of anti-terrorists operation in Eastern Ukraine worsened. 20 cases of violation of ceasefire regime were registered.

Press-center of anti-terrorist operation informed this in Facebook.

In most cases Russia-backed fighters used small arms in their provocations. They also conducted 6 shelling with mortars.

The highest activity of the enemy was registered in Donetsk oblast. From 06.05 pm to 06.12 pm Ukrainian positions near Hranitne were shelled with self-propelled artillery Nona.

From 06.35 to 07.50 pm positions of Ukrainian forces near Avdiivka were shelled with 122 mm and 82 mm mortars.

From 07.36 to 07.40 Ukrainian positions near Opytne suffered mortar shelling.

In Luhansk oblast terrorists shelled positions of Ukrainian forces with mortars, armored infantry vehicles and small arms.

Near Mariupol the enemy used 120 mm mortars to conduct shelling two times.

The press service informs that terrorists didn’t shell residential areas.

Yesterday at about 08.00 pm flight of two drones was registered in the skies of Luhansk oblast.

We remind that yesterday, on April 6, headquarters of anti-terrorist operation informed about drastic deterioration of situation in Donbas.

On April 6 terrorists violated ceasefire 20 times


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