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Olivier Vedrine: “We Must Not Allow the Outbreak of the Imperialist War in the Heart of Europe”


Kyiv, May, 22nd, 2014 – Olivier Vedrine, Speaker of the European Commission, during a briefing at the Ukrainian crisis media center read a piece of writing to the La Tribune magazine on how civil society can help to solve the crisis in Ukraine.

In particular, he noted: “Among those who were on the Maidan in January and February are dozens of victims of the wicked regime. The number of killed is now growing. Those responsible must be brought to justice. However, language of hate and revenge among people from different regions must be stopped”.

Mr. Vedrine said he is initiating a roundtable in Kyiv, which should include representatives of civil society: the Federation of Employers and trade unions: “We need to involve trade unions of miners, as they are key to Donbass”.

According to the speaker, such roundtables should be conducted in other regions in future. Famous people – writers, singers – should be also involved in the discussion: “The EU can and should do everything to encourage dialogue and a peaceful settlement in Ukraine. We must not allow the outbreak of the imperialist war in the heart of Europe”, – Vedrine said.

Olivier Vedrine, Rector of the Continental University in Kyiv (Ukraine), Adviser to Henri Malosse, the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Editor of European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (Germany).

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