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Oleksandra Archakova: Oleh Sentsov has never been a terrorist


Kyiv, 30.05.2014 – Oleh Sentsov, a Ukrainian film director, scriptwriter and Euromaidan activist, was detained by Federal Security Service of Russia officers in Simferopol on May 11 on terrorist act organization charges, but Oleh has no relation to terrorist activity whatsoever. It was the announcement Oleh’s friends Yuliya Krylova-Hrek, Oleksandra Archakova and Serhiy Serikov made during their press-conference in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

«Oleh is a real patriot, a creative person, he made a film “Rhinoceros” about 90-ieth generation living in the atmosphere of lawlessness. Apparently, those who arrested him, took it personally, confusing fiction with the reality», says Yuliya Krylova-Hrek . «The only Oleh’s fault is his love of his country and his desire to see his dear Crimea as part of Ukraine».

Oleksandra Archakova positively states: «During Crimean events we offered Oleh to stay in Kyiv with us, but he refused and went to Crimea to make a film. Oleh loves Crimea, loves Simferopol, for him the peninsula is not just geography, bit his motherland. He would never be able to organize a terrorist act or cause harm to Crimea – it is impossible to ruin what you love.

Oleh Sentsov’s friends also resolutely denied information of him allegedly being a “Pravyi Sektor” activist. «Oleh did not belong to this organization, for sure. He loves Ukraine and is a patriot, but he definitely is not a supporter of ultra-right ideology. He is a creative and peace-loving person, we can assure that Oleh has never conducted unlawful activity», – states Yuliya Krylova-Hrek

Activists expressed their hope that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine as well as security agencies would support the operation of the possible release of the hostage. They mentioned that exchange of Oleh to detained terrorists and infiltrators – Russian citizens – might become a possible way out.

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