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Oleg Derev’yanko: task number one for today is to maintain the integrity of Ukraine


Kyiv, April 24th, 2014 – Territorial integrity and change of management are two key tasks facing the Ukrainians today. Oleg Derev’yanko, a candidate for mayor of Kyiv, a cultural and social activist, a member of the Coordination Council of the Association “Aspen – Ukraine” stated this during the briefing.

According to Mr. Derev’yanko, change of the authorities system is the key to solving the problems of the city. Kyivans should realize the importance of the upcoming elections, because so far it’s the only mechanism for recovery from crisis and influx of new people to the government.

Oleg Derev’yanko is convinced that even though the period is anti-crisis (the next election will be held in 1.5 years), during this time a significant breakthrough can be achieved: “to ensure the impact of citizens by empowering communities that currently have only advisory function, and the introduction of e-democracy.” In addition, O. Derev’yanko is convinced that the adoption of the new Law on Kyiv is a necessity. That’s why it is responsibility of Kyiv residents to vote for the candidates who later will be able to implement these changes.

Answering the question if there were anything fundamentally new in his program O. Derev’yanko said he would initiate a public space broadening in the city center. Thus, in his view, it is necessary to move a part of administration authorities to the Left Bank.

According to Mr. Derev’yanko, the main problem lies in the fact that today we have many programs and ideas for development of Kyiv, but few can offer clear mechanisms of their implementation. O. Derev’yanko believes that the main problem is that the “politicians implement their programs unprofessionally. There is no project and team management. “In his campaign O. Derev’yanko focuses not on “what to implement”, but “how to do it.” The task of the mayor is to provide mechanisms of Kyivans influence over the administration of the city.

Commenting on the issue about the first future steps of the team , Mr. Derev’yanko clearly outlined the plan:
1) Hold consultations with opinion leaders on the most burning problems of Kyiv;
2) Analysis of the existing programs of Kyiv development;
3) Bring up for discussion the best deals;
4) Competitive formation of the team.

Full version of the election program will be shortly published and posted on the website. Concluding his speech, Oleg Derev’yanko said he was ready for any debate. After all, he said, only trough openness of the candidates Kiev will be able to choose a truly decent mayor.

Oleg Derev’yanko – a cultural and social activist, an expert for crisis management and for successful business strategy development. The Advisory Board member

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