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The number of Russian tanks near the Donetsk airport is increasing

October 20, 2014

In Donetsk airport Russian tanks appear ‘like mushrooms after rain’, – cyborgs

The number of Russian tanks near the Donetsk airport is increasing

Defenders of Donetsk airport believe that they are fighting against Russian Armed Forces

The legendary cyborgs said this on air of the project ‘Brave hearts’ on one of Ukrainian channels. Donetsk airport is under constant shelling and number of enemy’s tanks is increasing.

‘What terrorists could drive a tank? What training should get the crew of ’72 tank’? Artillerymen, mortar men and the ones who work with ‘Grad’ systems against us – they are shelling at us constantly’, – said one of defenders of the airport with the call sign ‘Bohemia’.

Cyborgs claim that the number of Russian tanks near the airport is increasing.

‘This is a fact – tanks appear like mushrooms after rain. There was one in the beginning – we destroyed it. Literally after a day or two there appeared 2 tanks that attacked the airport. We destroyed both. The next day there came 3 tanks. This is an unceasing process’, – confirmed fighter with the call sign ‘Docent’.

According to servicemen Russian weapon was brought to the airport in the notorious ‘humanitarian convoy’.


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