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NSDC: Ukrainian border guards prevented the invasion Russian saboteur group

August 26, 2014

Border guards of Ukraine were attacked by Russian MI-24 – 4 killed, 3 wounded

NSDC: Ukrainian border guards prevented the invasion Russian saboteur group

This was reported during daily press briefing in Kyiv by Colonel Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the Information and Analytics Centre of National Security and Defense Council.

A sabotage-intelligence group which crossed Ukrainian border from Russian territory, was detected on August 25 in “Krasna Talivka” area of Luhansk oblast.

At 3 p.m. a camouflaged border control regiment stopped the saboteurs’ movement with machine gun fire. Additional operative and combat border servicemen groups arrived at the location as reinforcement.

Fierce combat with the Russian mercenaries lasted for 2,5 hours. The sabotage group had support from the Russian Federation, by mine launchers, 2 BTR armored carriers and 2 BMP infantry vehicles.

In addition, the Ukrainian border servicemen were fired at by unmanned missiles from 2 military Mi-24 fighter helicopters belonging to the Russian Armed Forces. Four border servicemen have been killed and three were injured in combat.

The heroes’ actions prevented the invasion. The enemy suffered severe losses. The wounded and killed saboteurs were evacuated from the battlefield to Russia on a BMD vehicle under BTR and helicopter fire cover.

Source: NSDC

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