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NSDC: Russian Humanitarian convoy is moving across Ukrainian territory. UPDATED

August 22, 2014

Russian humanitarian convoy has entered Ukrainian territory without Red Cross representatives

NSDC: Russian Humanitarian convoy is moving across Ukrainian territory

National Security and Defense Council confirmed the entry of Russian humanitarian trucks into Ukrainian territory.

The column of trucks has passed through Izvaryno checkpoint that is not being controlled by Ukrainian armed forces. The column consisting of 60 trucks is now moving through Ukrainian territory.

This was informed by NSDC representative.

Meanwhile in International Red Cross Committee they inform that the column is not being accompanied by Red Cross representatives. The convoy if son accompanied due to unstable situation with safety. This was reported by Red Cross Committee in Twitter.

Yesterday Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs refused to wait any longer and adopted decision to start delivery of Humanitarian aid without necessary permissions.

Thus without having agreed the entry of the convoy with Ukrainian officials and Red Cross Committee Russian has grossly violated international rules.


According to the latest data another 90 trucks have entered Ukrainian territory without permission. Ukrainian border guards and Red Cross International Committee representatives were not allowed to these trucks by Russians.

NSDC underlines that responsibility of safety of the column lies on Russian Federation exclusively. Ukrainian side has fulfilled all its obligations regarding readiness and clearance of Russian humanitarian aid in full cooperation with Red Cross International Committee.

Appropriate statement of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning breach of agreements is being prepared.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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