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NSDC confirms data about missile movers in Donbas

November 4, 2014

Russia continues to increase its military presence on the territories controlled by terrorists – NSDC confirms information about missile movers

NSDC confirms data about missile movers in Donbas

Spokesperson for Information and Analysis Center of National Security and Defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

According to Lysenko, there continues transferring of different types of military equipment to Ukrainian territory through the uncontrolled border.

In particular, Lysenko informed about the noticing of 3 missile movers which likely carried missiles with far range.

In addition, Lysenko have said that recently militants use the tactics of intimidation of Ukrainian militants by delivering ultimatums and parallel shelling of positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation in order to force them to leave their positions.

Spokesperson informed about new facts of shelling of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the conflict zone. Yesterday terrorists shelled positions of the ATO forces near the settlement of Krymske and Hirne [Popasna region, Luhansk oblast] with ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems.

When speaking about situation at the checkpoint #31 near the settlement of Frunze [Luhansk oblast] he has informed that there has been rotation of personnel and currently checkpoint is controlled by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

He also informed that yesterday terrorists had shelled the positions of Ukrainian militants in Donetsk airport 4 times. They used grenade launchers, mortars and small arms.

On Saturday, November 1, there was registered movement of large column of military equipment on the territory of Donetsk oblast controlled by terrorists.

Source:, National Security and Defense Council

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