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Not a single Crimean military unit has surrendered to the Russian military, isolation goes on

March 4, 2014 | 09:22

Every single military unit in Crimea holds its field against the Russians.

Not a single Crimean military unit has surrendered / REUTERS

Not a single military unit, not a single military reservation has carried out Russian military’s ultimatum to hand over their weapons and swear allegiance to the self-proclaimed “Crimean government”, and thereby leave the service. The abovementioned information was provided by the command of the Ukrainian Naval Forces in Sevastopol, in accordance to Radio Svoboda report.

In addition, no abandonment of post (desertion) has been registered in Crimea, excluding the act of treason carried out by DenisBerezovsky, the former commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

However,according tothe chief ofthe Ukrainian Defense Ministrymedia centerin the Crimea,VladislavSeleznev, no assaultsorattacks onmilitary have been recorded overnightonMarch 4, 2014, although the situationsurrounding them remains tense.

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The number of pro-Russian activists and members of “self-defense” groups outside the Naval Forces of Ukraine headquarters in Sevastopol and the Coastal Defense Troops of Ukraine headquarters in Simferopol has increased.

Also we received news about the arrival of two buses with gunmen inside to the Streletskaya Bay in Sevastopol, where ships “Slavutich” and “Ternopil” (along with special naval operations unit) are stationed. According to VladislavSeleznev this information is being clarified. The Bay remains further blocked by the Russian watercrafts.

Source: UNIAN Information agency

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