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Non-aligned status of Ukraine abolished

December 23, 2014

The Parliament abolishen non-aligned status of Ukraine

Non-aligned status of Ukraine abolished

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko informed this on his Facebook.

‘303 votes for the abolition of the non-aligned status of Ukraine! It means that in future Ukraine can become a member of militry-political blocs including NATO’, – he wrote.

Still Mr.Herashchenko underlines that this does not mean that Ukraine will be included into NATO tomorrow or in a year.

‘However, this gives an opportunity to the people of Ukraine, on behalf of which 303 deputies have voted today, to become a full-fledged subject of negotiations on assession to military and economic alliances’.


Later Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given its response to decision of Ukrainian Parliament.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Grigoriy Karasin said that abolition of non-aligned status would have especially heavy consequences for regulaton of the crisis inside the country. In Addition, he called this decision a serious mistake.



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