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No Country in the World Will Recognize Independence of Crimea, Says Ex-Commander of Ukrainian Airborne Infantry


Kyiv, March 11, 2014 – “No country in the world will recognize independence of Crimea but Russia doesn’t care,” said Ivan Yakubets, Ex-Commander of Ukrainian Airborne Infantry (1998-2005) at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Mr. Yakubets believes Russian army is ready for aggressive actions on the territory of former USSR. ‘During Chechen wars Russian presidents Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin taught their army how to fight enemy from within. As a result, Georgia lost South Ossetia,” explained Mr. Yakubets. It was a test of strength for the global security system.”

The global community didn’t take any decisive steps to protect Georgia. This is why Russia has decided to enter Crimea. “Vladimir Putin made no secret of his attitude to Ukraine. The world has swallowed his claim that half of Ukraine belongs to Russia and the other half belongs to Austro-Hungary,” said Mr. Yakubets. “As a result Russia started its aggression in Crimea.”


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