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Next humanitarian convoy to be sent to Ukraine on April 16

Next humanitarian convoy to be sent to Ukraine on April 16

Russian Federation plans to send another humanitarian convoy to Donbas on April 16.

Head of Emergency Ministry of Russian Federation informed this during meeting in Moscow.

Head of Emergency Ministry of Russian Federation Vladimir Puchkov informed about sending of another humanitarian convoy to occupied Donbas on April 16.

‘On April 16 we send another convoy with humanitarian load. It is necessary to clarify the composition of loads in order to finish restoration works in the affecter regions as soon as possible. Power supply, water supply, all social institutions must work’, – Puchkov said.

According to him, it is necessary to organize cooperation with ‘colleagues’ on the territory of Ukraine, and also Red Cross, OSCE and other services.


It should be noted that Russian Federation has been sending so-called humanitarian convoys to Ukrainian Donbas since August 2014. The so-called humanitarian convoys are columns of trucks with unknown content. Ukrainian border guards, customs service officers as well as representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross have never had possibility to examine the trucks.

National Security and Defense Council stated that Russian humanitarian convoys are used to support fighters by supplying them with ammunition, dry rations and weapon.

The 23rd humanitarian convoy consisted of 124 vehicles and entered Ukrainian territory on April 2 through Russian checkpoints ‘Matveev Kurgan’ and ‘Donetsk’.

Six trucks brought dangerous herbicides. The column also included trucks with non-humanitarian loads. 3 vehicles carried blowing agent and one was loaded with metal constructions.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry underlined that despite repeated protests of Ukrainian side Russia continues its practice of invading Ukraine with ‘smuggling convoys’ thus grossly violating international and Ukrainian laws.


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