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The next humanitarian convoy goes from Russia to Ukraine

February 24, 2015

Russia sent Ukraine a note concerning the next humanitarian convoy for Donbas

The next humanitarian convoy goes from Russia to Ukraine

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly drawn attention of the Russian side the previous ‘humanitarian loads’ have been brought to Ukrainian territory without the approval of the government.

MFA of Ukraine has received a note from Russian MFA about its intention to send another humanitarian load to Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts on February 27.

Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Eugene Perebiynis informed this.

He underlined that Ukrainian MFA had repeatedly pointed out the all previous humanitarian convoys had entered Ukrainian territory without agreement of its government. There were obvious violations of Ukrainian law and also violations of conditions and modalities of delivery of good that had been previously agreed with International Committee of the Red Cross.

Ukrainian MFA has sent a response note in which it demands not to transfer the mentioned loads across Ukrainian border without agreement of Ukrainian side and completing of necessary procedures of border and custom control. Ukrainian side also demands that the so-called humanitarian loads should be agreed with International Committee of the Red Cross and accompanied by its representatives.


As it was informed, Russian Federation began sending the so-called humanitarian aid for Donbas since summer 2014. The so-called humanitarian convoys are columns of trucks with an unknown content. Neither Ukrainian customs officials nor Red Cross representatives have possibility to examine the trucks.

National Security and Defense Council declared that humanitarian convoys are used as cover for delivering supplies to terrorist forces in Donbas. The trucks bring weapon, dry rations, ammunition to territories controlled by terrorists.

The 15th humanitarian convoy arrived on February 20. According to Russian mass media the next column of Russian humanitarian convoy started from Rostov oblast on February 24.


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