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New school year in Donetsk is at risk.

July 30, 2014

Summary of events in the ATO zone in Eastern Ukraine as presented by the Information Centre of NSDC.

New school year in Donetsk is at risk.

Terrorists have limited access to the biggest hospital in Donetsk oblast.

Terrorists and Russian mercenaries ‘Kadyrivtsi’ have established headquarters and military hospital in Regional Clinical Hospital in Donetsk. It actually paralyzed the functioning of one of biggest hospitals in the oblast. Access of patients to the hospital is limited due to works on re-equipment of buildings. It should be noted that previously the hospital served for most part of patients in the whole oblast.

New school year in Donetsk is at risk. The representatives of illegal groups establish their barracks in educational institutions of Donetsk oblast. While re-quipping the buildings they actually ruin the infrastructure of educational institutions and put the buildings at risk. The work of terrorists result in actual blocking of preparation of schools and higher education institutions to new school year.

Terrorists are trying to disrupt the harvesting in Donetsk. Ukrainian militants found mines in agricultural fields in the area of town of Yenakievo [Donetsk oblast]. Mining was carried out with mines, bombs and stretch marks.

In such a way criminals try to terrify local farmers and prevent them from harvesting. These fact once more confirm that the terrorists’ intention to destroy agricultural infrastructure and create social tension in the region.

During this day terrorists have carried out 5 shelling of different positions of Ukrainian armed forces, villages and airport with mortars and ‘Grad’ volley fire systems.

New school year in Donetsk is at risk.1

Source: UNIAN.UA


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