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The new mobilization wave has started

January 20, 2015

19 wounded soldiers in course of the last day.

Battles for the airport

Here is data about current situation in Eastern Ukraine from press-center of anti-terrorist operation.

During the last day 19 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded.

ATO press-officer Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

During the last day none of Ukrainian defenders was killed, 19 servicemen received wounds of varying severity.

The day before this was not that lucky – Ukrainian armed forces lost 3 servicemen. 66 militants got wounded.

 fierce battles for Donetsk airport

Battles for the airport

Ukrainian troops keep control of Donetsk airport.

The headquarters of anti-terrorist operation informs this.

Ukrainian ‘cyborgs’ keep defending the new terminal of the airport. There are fierce battles and artillery duels.

Advisor to the president Yuriy Biriukov informed about planned operation of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the airport. The detailed information might appear in the evening.

New wave of mobilization has begun

New wave of mobilization has begun

New wave of mobilization has begun in Ukraine.

The government plans to conduct 3 waves of mobilization on 2015 with total duration of 210 days.

The mobilization will be conducted on the whole territory of Ukraine [24 oblasts] and Kyiv.

According to ATO press-officer Andriy Lysenko, the mobilized servicemen will substitute militants who have been in the conflict zone since spring of 2014. The mobilized people will receive 100% increase in their salaries.

On January 20, 2015 the parliamentary magazine ‘The voice of Ukraine’ published the law ‘On approval of decree of the President of Ukraine of January 14, 2015 #15 ‘On the partial mobilization’.


Why Ukraine needs mobilization

On January 19, advisor to the president Yuriy Biriukov explained on air of ‘Freedom of speech’ radio why Ukraine needs this new wave of mobilization.

According to Mr.Biriukov, we need mobilization to conduct full-scale rotation and let go home people who are physically and mentally exhausted.

‘A year of this nightmare is a heavy burden’, – he said.

The second argument of the advisor: we’ve got to understand that even if we win tomorrow and restore territorial integrity, sign all world’s agreements, Russia will not disappear anywhere. There is a hostile country along our border which has already shown its evil intentions, despite the fact that is always veils them behind beautiful words.

‘So we need to constantly train people who know how to use weapons  to defend our country’’, – the advisor added.


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