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‘New countdown’ will support small business of internally displaced people

‘New countdown’ will support small business of internally displaced people

In Ukraine there has been launched ‘New countdown’ program to support business of internally displaced people.

The project started on June 2 in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv. These are cities that have hosted the largest number of internally displaced people.

The project became possible due to support of international fund ‘Renaissance’. ‘New countdown’ project was created to facilitate socialization and integration of internally displaced people at new place. It is supposed that the project would stimulate people to find themselves in self-employment and support their business initiatives.

‘New countdown’ project will be implemented in 8 months. The key point is to provide people with grants to start new business. 1 million UAH will be divided between 15-20 business initiatives, each one would get from 10 to 100 thousand UAH.

Internally displaced people who wan to participate need to register until June 25 by completing the online application.

Then, in course of one week, they would have to complete more detailed form describing their project. 100 people will be chosen from the total number of registered participants. They will pass education program in course of two months.

‘New countdown’ will support small business of internally displaced people

Until August 25 specialists and businessmen would teach the participants how to realize their initiatives successfully.

The training program will include information blocks, seminars, lections, discussions, work in mini-groups, business cases, legal and accounting advice as well as training on writing business-plan.

In late August there will be contest for best business plans where the commission will choose 20 people who will receive grants.

Since early September till late January the winners will get consultations and support to develop their business.

‘New countdown’ project is supported by many organizations including the Office of the Ombudsperson for Human Rights, Trade and Industry of Ukraine, Ministry of Social Affairs, the State Employment Center, Kyiv business school and international organizations, public initiatives.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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