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New columns of Russian weapon entered Ukraine

February 12, 2015

UA servicemen seized village of Logvinovo

New columns of Russian weapon entered Ukraine

Russian weapon crossed Ukrainian border

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Andriy Lysenko informed this.

This night 50 tanks, 40 MRLS and 40 APC crossed Ukrainian border at checkpoint Izvaryno.

ATO spokesperson Lysenko underlined that despite statements made by RF officials about absence of Russian military equipment and servicemen at Ukrainian territory, on the night of February 12 there had been another illegal crossing of the state border. 50 tanks, 40 multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’ ‘Uragan’ and ‘Smerch’ and 40 armored personnel carriers entered Ukrainian territory.

Situation in Debaltsevo

Ukrainian soldiers defeated enemy in Logvinovo

Ukrainian servicemen took the village of Logvinovo under control. Russian-terrorist forces in this village blocked the route M-103 which was used to supply Ukrainian forces located at Debaltsevo bridgehead.

According to MP Semenchenko, there remain some resisting groups which are being suppressed by servicemen of ‘Donbas’ regiment. They conduct sweeping of the village and adjacent sections of he route M-103.

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Source:, commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’, MP Semen Semenchenko

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