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New attacks at Maryinka in Donbas

New attacks at Maryinka in Donbas

According to curator of ‘Kyiv-1 battalion Eugene Deydey, Russia-backed fighters attack Ukrainian positions in Maryinka again.

Information about close combat between Ukrainian and terrorist forces appeared on Deydey’s Facebook.

He informed that fighters fire with tanks and mortars and have direct guidance.

‘We’ll endure. We’re obliged to endure’, – the servicemen wrote. – Glory to Ukraine!’.

According to official sources, combats ceased at noon. There are separate shots.

Village of Maryinka near Donetsk city has recently become new hot spot on the conflict map. On June 3 there was a 10 hours battle in which Russia-backed forces used about 10 tanks and 1000 people.

Attack at Ukrainian positions was supported by fire of grenades and heavy mortars of calibers banned by Minsk agreements.

Ukrainian side had to use heavy artillery to rebuff the enemy’s attack.

There also appeared information about concentration of significant amount of weapons near settlements of Baturyn, Maryinka, Pisky and Pervomaisk. Deputy Commander of Ukrainian Volunteer Corpus the Right Sector Valentyn Manko informed this. According to him, if fighters manage to break through defense line, there can emerge new encirclement in area of Pisky-Karlivka-Avdiivka (see map below).

Ukraine conflict map June 2015


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