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New artillery shelling near Mariupol

February 12, 2015

The village of Shyrokine shelled by terrorists

New artillery shelling near Mariupol

The defense headquarters of Mariupol inform about artillery shelling of village of Shyrokine.

The firing emplacements of terrorist forces are located in Bezimenne village which complicates their neutralization.

In defense headquarters they state that terrorists shell the village itself (aiming at civilians) and positions of anti-terrorist operation forces.

Ukrainian forces do everything possible to suppress the fire emplacement of the enemy and stop another barbaric shelling of residential areas.

The shelling stated at 03.40 pm.

Due to difficult situation in Shyrokino village and nearby settlements there was made decision to start urgent evacuation of civilians to Mariupol.

See the map below to find out more about shelling and battles in zone of anti-terrorist operation which took place in course of last 24 hours.

New artillery shelling near Mariupol

Yesterday Ukraine lost 2 soldiers

In course of the previous day Ukrainian Armed Forces lost 2 servicemen.

Acting press secretary of the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces Vladislav Seleznev informed this.

In course of terrorist shelling and battles 2 servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed. 21 militants were hospitalized with wounds of varying severity.

Source:, defense headquarters of Mariupol

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