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NCDS: 2 Su-25 have been shot at an altitude of 5,200 metres from Russian territory

They emphasize in the National Security and Defense Council that anti-aircraft missiles that terrorists possess don’t have that height of hitting.


According to UNIAN correspondent this has been informed by Spokesman of Info Centre of NSDC Andriy Lysenko today during a briefing in Kyiv.

‘Today in the areа of the village of Dmytrivka 4 Su-25 have provided fire support for the sub-units of Ukrainian Armed Forces that courageously hold positions at out country border’, – he mentioned.

‘After successful performance of military task they have been shelled with powerful anti-aircraft missiles, in spite of anti missile maneuvers and shooting of heat traps 2 planes were shot at an altitude of 5,2 thousand metres’, – Lysenko added.

‘According to preliminary data the missiles were launched from the territory of Russian Federation. Anti-aircraft missiles possessed by terrorists don’t have such hight of hitting’.

It has been previously informed that according to the journalist of one of Ukrainian TV channels Roman Bochkala fighters have shot down 2 Ukrainian Su-25.

ATO press officer Oleksiy Dmytrashkovskiy has also confirmed this information;

‘About an hour ago in the area of Saur Mohyla (mound at the outskirts of the town of Snizhne) two aircraft SU-25 planes have been shot down. They have been shot down at the territory controlled by DNR terrorists. The special unit is working at the place of planes crash, it has to determine all reasons for these events’, – Dmytraskkovskiy said. He mentioned that ‘nothing can be said about the pilots now’.

Video made by terrorists.
They claim that the plane that has crashed intended to shoot at civilians
Source: UNIAN.UA

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