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Nadia Savchenko is not discouraged and is ready to fight till the end

August 20, 2014

Russian police offices didn’t allow public activists and embassy representative to Nadia Savchenko

Nadia Savchenko is not discouraged and is ready to fight till the end

Public activists and sister of Nadia Savchenko spoke about the situation with case of Ukrainian pilot at a press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Centre. Nadia Savchenko is being ilegally kept in Russian for more than 2 months.

It was reported that the ‘Open Dialogue [Vidkryty Dialog]’ Foundation help Savchenko’s family to organize the service of Russian lawyers and organizes international missions aimed at monitoring of the conditions of detention of Nadia Savchecko, demonstration to European community of how the Russian court systems works and revealing the truth about what is happening in Russia.

Representative of group of public observation ‘Ozone’ Valeriya Rybak mentioned that during the last mission they had had an aim to see Nadia Savchenko but hadn’t managed to do it. Public activists, human rights defenders and even representatives of Ukrainian embassy in Russia were not allowed to see Savchenko. This is illegal because Nadia is Ukrainian citizen.

Valerya Rybak has underlined that trials of Nadia Savchenko and other prisoners are held with numerous violations that becomes a basis for appeals to the European Court. ‘Our groupd registerd these violations and informs international community about them’.

Vira Savchenko, sister of prisoner Nadia assured that despite all rumours ‘Nadia is not discouraged and is ready to fight till the end’. She and her family hopes that this will end soon.

Nadia Savchenko is not discouraged and is ready to fight till the end

‘The state has started a process of exchange of prisoners and we’d like it to be more active because are talking not only about Nadia but dozens of other people. We want Ukraine to fight for its citizens more actively’.

Vira Savchenko also gave thanks to all activists for the support of her sister. ‘Recently people from Mykholaiv sent books [to Nadia], in particular Vasyl Stus [Ukrainian poet of the second half of XX century], but because they were written in Ukrainian they were not accepted in the jail’.

The representative of ‘Open dialogue’ Foundation Petro Okhotin once again reminded about numerous cases of illegal detention of Ukrainian citizens in Russia. ‘These are the cases of Oleg Sentsov, Afansiev, Kolchenko and Cherniy. Special attention should be paid to cases of Afanasiev and Cherniy who gave testimonies under torture and might be demonstratively sentenced for life imprisonment. According to last data Cherniy is now in Butyrka [jail] in pre-suicidal condition after ‘therapy’ in Serbskiy psychiatric hospital that is famous for ‘treating’ of dissidents in 70’s [dissidents – people who actively challenged an established policy and system of Soviet Union]. We are trying to elucidate such things to public’.

Petro Okhotin called on Ukrainian politicians, Members of Parliament and deputy candidates to take part in liberation of of ilegally arrested Ukrainian citizens, in particular – make information requests to Russian official authorities, address European institutions, the Parliamnetary Assembly of NATO countries.

‘Only in this way we can press on Russia because there’ no justice in this country, no fair court, there is only politics’.


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