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 Nadia Savchenko: ‘I will hear your voices even through walls!’

 Nadia Savchenko: ‘I will hear your voices even through walls!’

Today, on March 27, Nadia Savchenko has written another letter to give thanks to people supporting her during Moscow court hearing on March 26, 2015.

‘I thank to all who came to my trial yesterday on March 26, 2015. When I was led back to jail #1 in police van I heard you shouting ‘Nadia, Nadia!’. Then the driver turned the siren on to muffle your voices and to disperse you. And I laughed so hard! I heard you anyway. I will hear your voice even through walls!’, – the prisoner wrote.

Savchenko only asked her supporters to be careful because she doesn’t want to hear voice of their supporter in the nearby prison cameras.

Prisoner of Russian court system assured that meeting with her supported had given her lots of force and she will last until the next court hearing.

‘Till our next meeting! And I wish it will be in freedom!’, – Nadia wrote.

In PostScript Savchenko mentioned that she was not accused of involvement in new one crime and called this some kind of victory.

She finished her letter with the following exclamations: ‘Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!’.

 Nadia Savchenko: ‘I will hear your voices even through walls!’

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