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Mykola Malomuzh: Rotations in Government and Law Enforcement Bodies Urgently Needed


Kyiv, April, 22nd, 2014 – Mykola Malomuzh, Ukrainian Army General, has discussed at the briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center the prospects of overcoming the crisis in the Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine.

“We understand that the scenario of destabilization the situation in Ukraine and the seizure of the southeastern region by the Russian Federation is being realized”, – said Mykola Malomuzh. He has noted that this is already the third phase of the script. “The first stage took place during the Crimean events, and it ended successfully for Russia and was a great loss for Ukraine. Although we clearly state our intentions to retrieve the Crimean peninsula at the end,” – he has added. Though, according to the General, this could only happen in one and a half or two years, when the situation changes in Russia itself.

“The second phase planned for these regions was the destabilization scenario in regional centers in the South and East of Ukraine at the same time with the Crimean events. We observed these actions and saw that they did not have the scale and the impact Russia had intended”, – said Mykola Malomuzh. He has stressed that the lack of support of the locals and, to some extent, taking control of the situation by the Ukrainian authorities did not allow the Russian Federation to implement the second phase.

Now the third stage has begun – the large-scale destabilization in many cities and towns of the South and East of Ukraine. Mr. Malomuzh has explained that people are disoriented, they are being deliberately mislead and intimidated. According to him the main reason for this was the inefficient work with people in these regions. The General has said that it is necessary to hold a dialogue with the regional elites and implement local self-government laws, which would expand the rights and powers of people at the local level. “Perhaps the enactment of a local referendum, but only on the issues that are relevant to the specific facts of citizens’ life. Questions of secession or federalization are unacceptable”, – said Mr. Malomuzh.

Mykola Malomuzh has highlighted that he is the Head of Forum of Strategy of National Security of Ukraine, as well as the Head of Coordinating Council of Military Officers of Ukraine. “We have developed specific measures to stabilize the situation on the political, economic, social and defense levels”, – he said.

According to him, the active position of the central authorities is required right now, but it will not be enough. “Sufficient mechanism would be Presidential elections. Holding the situation more or less stable, it is necessary to conduct these elections, and the newly elected President would receive the new legitimacy for the entire nation,”- he added.

Mykola Malomuzh noted that Ukraine stands at a critical point right now, when either a positive resource of Ukraine will be engaged, or the situation will go through a radical scenario and Ukrainian society will suffer the consequences for a long period. He stressed that the rotations in government and law enforcement bodies are urgently needed, in order to fill them with professionals who can use all their experience and potential.

Mykola Malomuzh, Ukrainian Army General, Head of External Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2005-2010, member of the National Security and Defense Council in 2005-2010

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