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My Granny is a Superhero

My Granny is a Superhero

Lviv artist Sofia Filipchuk created an amazing series of works inspired by her grandmother

Three years ago, at an exhibition in Lviv Sofia Filipchuk presented collages, where the main character was her grandmother – 87-year-old Eugenia Shlapak. It was an impetus for the realization of further creative ideas. As a child, Sofia watched her grandmother, listened to her stories, singing, and it remained a very warm memory which she has managed to transform into art – postcards, still paint pictures, wooden figurines, lino prints.

Among other granny’s stories, Sofia describes one day in the life of her grandmother when she was at the age of 28 and compares it to a day in her own life. The exhibition inspired by this comparison is called “My Grandmother is a Superhero”.

“Here is her day in November and how much she managed to do. It is an absolutely different mode, and there are only 50 years between us … My grandmother got up in the morning, baked bread, cooked food, sent her four children to school, washed and hung the linen in the street. For half an hour she whitewashed the ceiling in the house. Meanwhile everything dried up, she cleaned up the house, as it was Saturday. Then, she killed a turkey and ironed the linen with an iron heated on the stove. As for me, I got up late, drank coffee, idled around, browsed the Internet, watched a film, had a nap. That was just one day, and I had hundreds of such days. Fortunately, now my regime has changed,” – says Sofia.

Sofia’s rhythm of life changed thanks to her grandmother, who became an inspiration in her work. Lviv artist created a series of images of older women. These portraits are very different and funny. These are the elderly women she meets in the street, wondering how they live their lives, create their own mood. Sofia Filipchuk wants to draw the attention of society to the loneliness of the elderly people. Unfortunately, as the artist points out, these people are not very honored in the state, and most do not have a comfortable and calm old age.

“There are a lot of grannies – in the public transport, in the post-offices, in the stores. We have such grandmothers, but for our children they will be different, as we will not go around wrapped in kerchiefs. This classic image will disappear, but it is worth saving. Here, through art I want to involve the social aspect,” the artist says.


My Granny is a Superhero My Granny is a Superhero My Granny is a Superhero 

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