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‘Music of warriors’ project played EU anthem in 6 cities simultaneously

‘Music of warriors’ project played EU anthem in 6 cities simultaneously

Flashmob ‘Music of warriors’ became the highlight of this year’s campaign ‘Europe Days in Ukraine’.

‘Ode to joy’ – official EU anthem was played in 6 Ukrainian cities simultaneously. Performance of ‘Ode to joy’ in Kirovograd, Ivano-Frankvsk, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Chernivtsi and Kherson had an aim to demonstrate erudition of Ukrainian militants to European Community.

In addition, the choice of this tune was a symbolic visualization of Ukraine’s choice for future.

Author of ‘Music of warriors’ initiative Oleksandr Tkachuk informed this during speech in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

This year ‘European Days’ covered 16 oblasts of Ukraine. The campaign included presentation of art exhibitions, conferences, film showing within framework of documentary film festival ‘Docudays’.

Main topics for discussion were counter propaganda, energy safety and European integration.

However, annexation of Crimea was the main theme.

Program director of ‘Docudays’ festival informed about showing of ‘Kъырым’ [Crimea in language of Crimean Tatars] film in 8 oblasts of Ukraine to remind Ukrainians about historical territory of our country.

Web conferences became new form of communications during these ‘European Days’. Chernihiv center of European information promoted this initiative.

Main themes for webinars were problems of development of Ukrainian cultural space. For the first time they tried to involve experts from 16 cities of Ukraine so that every region would have possibility to share their vision of the problem inherent in their area.

Here are some parts of ‘Ode to joy’ flashmob, EU anthem performed on the  electric guitar and the piano.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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