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Mr. Anatoliy Hrytsenko: The Maidans will remain to control any and every government in Ukraine


Kyiv, May 21, 2014 – Мaidan is not an impulse, but a long lasting process to control the Ukrainian government as well as an incentive to fight corruption at the international level. Thus, as a process Maidan remains today and will continue to be in the future. Such an idea was expressed by Mr. Antaloliy Hrytsenko, the member of parliament of Ukraine, during his press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Centre. He stressed on the idea that the Western countries have not yet fully grasped the threat of Putin. Conclusions have to be made; otherwise the danger will spread globally.

«I believe in the unique mission of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Maidan which forced the Western countries to act. For example, from the very beginning of Maidan the Europe and USA have been trying to convince the hundred thousands of people to continue demonstrations, without attacking or seizing any buildings, urging to wait for the planned elections scheduled for 2015. But the people decided differently», as Hrytsenko noted and continued: «In its fight with corruption Maidan has stimulated the freeze of foreign assets of V. Yanukovych team. Further on, Maidan continues to change the questionable and corrupt staff appointments: designation of the Regional Police Chief in Lutsk has not been permitted, the Regional Traffic Police Chief in Lviv has been fired, and a new corrupt Police Head nomination is not allowed in Ivano-Frankivsk. Maidan is there not against Yanukovych but for protection of oneself and own rights. This is why I am sure that Maidan will continue to control any government in Ukraine. The Maidans are there and will remain so», summed up A. Hrytsenko.

During his speech A. Hrytsenko warned the Western block on realizing the threat coming from Putin to their fullest. The politician named the Russian president an aggressor, one already testing the air defense of Scotland, Denmark, Holland, expressing his concerns on the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Latvia and Estonia, as well as allegedly protecting the blockade of Transnistria from Ukraine and Moldova. «Putin has been getting ready for the aggression towards Ukraine for five years, after the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The civilized world has resigned oneself to it: despite refusal to recognize the annexation of these territories by Russia the question has already moved out of the focus. Given the green light, Putin has got the message that such actions are permitted and alike Hitler he can establish the rule of power, perpetrate the basics of the international law», as was stressed by Mr. Hrytsenko. «Putin is made advances to, he is pacified – but we know how the similar approach to Hitler ended», summed up Mr. Hrytsenko.

Considering the existing situation Mr. Hrytsenko believes it is necessary to form the anti-Putin coalition and has urged the Western countries to «abandon cynicism and double standards» when considering sanctions towards the Ukrainian and Russian corrupt people with accounts in the Western banks.

As for the presidential elections, Mr. Hrytsenko is convinced they are a must. «There should be a legitimate power vertical supported by people. The president is the only official in the country elected by the whole population». The elections may be disrupted in many districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Based on the legal ground, this fact will not influence the general election results but affect the psychological side. «That is why after the elections the new team has to re-establish the dialogue with all regions. The president is the guarantor of the rights and freedoms of the whole population, regardless of their votes in favour or against him», the politician highlighted.

Аnatoliy Hrytsenko, the national deputy of Ukraine, candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine in Elections 2014, Leader of the «Hromadyans’ka Posytsiya» (Civil Position-eng.) Political Party.

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