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MPs inspect checkpoints in Eastern Ukraine

December 16, 2014

Newly elected members of parliament inspect checkpoints in Eastern Ukraine after scandal with humanitarian aid

MPs inspect checkpoints in Eastern Ukraine

Yesterday, on December 15, 5 new MPs – Semen Semenchenko, Yegor Sobolev, Taras Pastuh, Dmytro Dobrodomov and Volodymyr Parasiuk went to east of Ukraine in order to inspect checkpoints of Ukrainian servicemen after a scandal with delivery of humanitarian aid to the territories controlled by terrorists.

Leader of the Right Sectro Dmytro yarosh supported organization of this campaign.

Previously MP and commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’ Semen Semenchenko declared his support to colleagues from ‘Dnipro-1’ battalion. Earlier servicemen of ‘Dnipro-1’ had stopped a truck with humanitarian aid from Rinat Akhmetov [the richest person in Ukraine known for his open and secret support of terrorists and separatism in the country] foundation which was going to territories not controlled by Ukraine.

This happened on December 14 in Donetsk oblast. The truck carried 400 tons of food essentials. The representatives of Fond said that the aid was to be delivered to the most vulnerable groups of Donbas local residents. However, this was not confirmed.


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