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Moscow provokes Ukraine to ignite war

January 19, 2015

Russia provokes Ukraine to offense and ignite war

Moscow provokes Ukraine to ignite war

Here is summary of the previous week by correspondent of LigaNusinessInforms news agency Peter Shuklinov.

In his summary of the previous week the journalist states that Russian Federation continues violating the Minsk agreements and provoking Ukraine to ignite war.

Using its regular army and puppets in the occupied Donbas, the Moscow regime tries to force Ukraine Ukraine to ignite war in the east of country.

The journalist underlined that in course of the last week Russian troops and separatists had been inflicting fire strikes at positions of Ukrainian troops along the boundary line. The Moscow-controlled armed groups violated the ceasefire agreements and proceeded attacking Ukrainian positions.

The main strikes were aimed at Donetsk airport.

The next day after the massive shelling and attack Ukrainian commandment took a decision to conduct a response operation under the code name ‘forcing to comply with Minsk agreements’.

In course of two days Ukrainian troops were delivering strikes at positions of terrorists and Russian troops forcing Moscow to stop escalations of conflict and return to negotiations.

Yesterday, on January 18, Ukraine offered Russia to stop firing and stop escalations. However, Moscow does not seem inclined to stop.

Events along the demarcation line

Mr.Shuklinov states that on Wednesday, January 18, Ukrainian troops have managed to inflict significant damage to Russian troops in Donbas.

According to the official data from the enemy, they had lost 8 soldiers in course of the last day. Thirty more soldiers were wounded. Ukrainian servicemen say that real numbers are much bigger.

After numerous artillery strikes and tank battles the enemy might have lost from 400 to 500 Russian militants and local criminals.

In addition, many people in social networks inform that morgues in the occupied territory are stuffed full with corpses of Russian soldiers.

Source: LigaBiznesInform

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