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On May 6 Moscow court will consider Savchenko’s complaint

On May 6 Moscow court will consider Savchenko’s complaint

On May 6 Basmanny court of Moscow will consider complaint of Ukrainian MP Nadia Savchenko on refusal to let her visit PACE session as member of Ukrainian delegation.

Her lawyer Nark Feigin informed this in his Twitter.


Nadia Savchenko was kidnapped by fighters in Eastern Ukraine in summer 2014 and then they took her to Russia. In Russian Savchenko was accused of involvement in murder of two Russian journalists. Meanwhile her defense says that Savchenko had already been kidnapped before journalists were killed.

Om October 26, 2014 Nadia Savchenko was elected Member of Parliament during preliminary parliamentary elections. Later she was delegated to PACE.

In early December Nadia Savchenko announced hunger strike against her illegal detention in Russia.

On April24 Russian investigations finally managed to bring final accusations to Savchenko. She was charged on involvement in murder and illegal border crossing.

On April 30 the European Parliament adopted resolution calling for Russian to release PM, member of Ukrainian PACE delegation Nadia Savchenko.


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