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Moscow court sees non-admission of Savchenko to PACE session legitimate

 March 4, 2015

Non admission of Nadia Savchenko to PACE session on January 28 was considered legitimate

Moscow court sees non-admission of Savchenko to PACE session legitimate

Moscow Basmanny court refused to release Nadia Savchenko once again. It considered non-admission of Ukrainian pilot, MP and PACE delegate to session legitimate.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin said that according to its international obligations Russian Federation should have given Savchenko possibility to come o PACE session. He underlined that Savchenko has diplomatic immunity. The next PACE session is scheduled for April.

Feigin emphasized that until the verdict of the court Savchenko is presumed innocent and can use all the rights. It is illegal to restrict her.

‘I ask you to make a decision and require the investigation to allow Ukrainian MP Nadia Savchenko participate in PACE sessions’, – lawyer Feigin said.

In her turn, Savchenko underlined that she has got diplomatic immunity and that court hasn’t got rights to keep her imprisoned.

She says that they should have liberated her then and should do it now.

The investigator said that answers with explanations of the investigation were sent to the defense side by post. He also asked to include health certificate of Savchenko which had been made 3 weeks ago.

Nadia Savchenko underlined that since the moment she was examined by so-called Russian doctors she lost 5 kg.

The prosecutor called for dismissal of the defense complaint without expressing any arguments.


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