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Moscow analyst about the ban of march in Siberia: Putin has ‘shot himself in the foot’

August 5, 2014

Known Moscow analyst and expert Andrey Piontkovskiy believes that in Moscow they are scared of the planned for August 17 ‘March for federalization of Siberia’ in the city of Novosibirsk.

Moscow analyst about the ban of march in Siberia: Putin has 'shot himself in the foot'

He said this in his commentary to ‘Radio Svoboda’: ‘Very strict methods have been used. 17 Russian mass media got warnings, including reliable ‘Kommersant’ TV channel ‘Dozhd’ and others. Yes, they a very seriously scared’, – the expert mentioned.

Piontkovskiy also believes that the prohibition of such marches by Moscow only demonstrates that with his actions to arouse separatism in Ukraine Putin has ‘shot himself in foot’.

The mrch is scheduled for August 17, Sunday. It is clear now that it will not be permitted. But it is a very serious strike that Putin has inflicted on himself, he has ‘shot himself in foot’.

Piontkovskiy mentions Russian journalist Venedyktov who deals with the situations and severely criticizes Russian government for it has done unwisely with the idea of federalization in Ukraine, that it has aroused the same moods in Russia. The events in Ukraine push it up. ‘Why there can be Donetsk separatism if it is good, but why there cannot be separatism in Russia, in Siberia?’ – the expert asks. ‘They began to explain us that separatism is bad. Whene there was separatism in Chechnya we killed dozens of thousands of people for this. An you know, the most popular slogan in Siberia now is ‘Stop feeding Moscow’.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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