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Mortars and tanks keep firing in Donetsk

Mortars and tanks keep firing in Donetsk

On July 6 after relative calmness fighters significantly activated throughout the border line.

From 06.00 pm till midnight positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces were shelled 26 times including 4 cases of using 120 mm caliber mortars.

To find out more about locations of shelling see the map above.

Russia-backed fighters attacked positions of Ukrainian forces near settlement of Bogdanivka in Mariupol sector. The attack lasted from 05.50 till 07.30 and it was repelled by Ukrainian servicemen.

Fighters also kept provoking Ukrainian forces by shelling their positions with small arms.

July 7 began with shelling with 120 mm caliber mortars in Donetsk sector. In addition, at 04.00 am fighters used a tank.

Maryinka, Luhanske and Opytne in Donetsk sector were under ‘troubling’ fire of small arms.

Press center of anti-terrorist operation claims that the situations in zone of anti-terrorist operation is under control of Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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